Interactive infographics

Bring your data to life, e.g. with programmed filters, zoom, flexible click-points, parallax effect and other interactive components and post impressive images on social media channels: No problem with visual storytelling! INTERACTIVES PRO is our simple solution to make your static graphic lively and interactive! No matter if it should be an interactive infographic, map or key visual. The innovative admin area allows the administrator to set the click points and markers as desired using drag-and-drop, assign desired content to the click points and create filters. Simply drag a marker or text field onto the image, position it as desired, and assign external or internal content. Five minutes and your interactive infographic is ready.

interactive Infographics with INTERACTIVES PRO


Plattform Industrie 4.0.


interaktive Microseite Industrie 4.0.

Microsite for e-learning

Digital in NRW

interaktive Microseite für Digital in NRW.

Security Quiz


interaktive animierte Quiz für CISCO

Interactive map


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